Freestyle worldchampion x12
January 3, 2020
Brasil 2019
March 3, 2020

I don’t event know where to start for the Canary Islands.This year was such a blast, and must have been my favourite part of the tour. I spent a lot of time sailing with Oda. And later on Maaike also arrived which was really fun.We had awesome late sessions! This year I really enjoyed the whole process of being in Gran Canaria. Windsurfing was the main goal, but also we were crossfitting quite a bit, we’d go skating, some BBQ’s here and there, a bit of exploring of the island and more. It was just a great time. Also great to have my cousin Sandy come over for some adventuring!

In the past years I would focus so much on just the contest that I’d feel a bit burnt out by the time I actually had to compete. But this time having Oda and Maaike as sparring partners was great because we’d go freestyling as well, and that was perfect to break up all the wave sailing. I don’t even know what to write, it’s just been too much fun. Some where in June there was a 2 week hiatus of wind. So it was a perfect moment to fly back home to quickly see my family. Looking back now that was the best decision because I didn’t make it back home until mid October.

So the contest in Gran Canaria didn’t go the way I wanted too, even though I did put down a heat or two that I was happy about. I was aiming for first but finished third.I felt like I made a lot of progress! My backloops were more solid, I had landed shaka’s in the wave and even a wave 360. But then add some pressure and a bit more wind than you trained in, and it’s a whole different ball game. I was up against Daida again in the semi finals and apparently I did win by a little bit on the jumping side of things, but she did really well on the wave riding.  So finally I finished 3rd in the single elimination.

I had big plans for the double elimination! But that one was over in a split second. I’m happy I was able to defend my third place against Iballa, and sailed a really good heat. I did a good taka and a biiig pushloop. But then for the next heat against Justyna I just could not keep it together for either wave riding or jumping. So that was that.. the contest was over in 3 days I think. It took me quite a while to digest, because I just want to sail well and that performance was disappointing.  And honestly I just want to sail against Daida there every time, because she makes me do better. Massive congrats to Justyna though as that was her first podium ever and honestly that was also very beautiful and inspiring to watch.

It was quite sad to leave Gran Canaria as it was really joy for two months! Some of my highlights were trying double forwards there ( not the whiplash that lasted for 2 days though).All the late sessions, there is something about the light that time of day. Some ridiculous freestyle sessions, Kai’s amazing place right at the water and just a lot of progress in general. There was one week I landed 3 new moves. We need to bring back the world cup because that spot is a playground! Anyway, I’m already looking forward to being there next summer!

Check out the Pozo warm up video below: