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  • Name:Sarah-Quita Najive Offringa
  • Nickname:Cabei Busha
  • Date of birth:July 4th 1991
  • Place of birth:Aruba, Oranjestad
  • Nationality:Dutch
  • Occupation:Student ( Science and innovation management
  • Residence:Utrecht, Netherlands
  • disciplines:Freestyle & slalom
  • Favourite spot:Fishermen’s Huts, Aruba, Sorobon, Bonaire
  • Favourite food:Pasta, seafood, thai food
  • Other sports:Tennis, swimming
  • Hobbies:Reading, piano, table tennis, biking anything outdoors actually
  • Favourite music:Everything! from latin to reggae and rap.
  • Favourite saying:AWO TIN KOS


How it all started

My windsurf adventure started back home in Aruba when I was about 9 years old.

My parents always made my brother Quincy and I practice loads of sports so we wouldn’t hang around at home in front of the TV all day long. After having gone through a whole range of sports from tap dancing to karate to horseback riding, gymnastics, tennis, (and more !!) my parents decided that since we live on an island and we’re surrounded by water, that we should practice a watersport and they decided on windsurfing. Back then the equipment was quite heavy and as I was quite young it was hard to get the sail out of the water. So I didn’t like it all and decided to stick to my other activities. Quincy kept on practicing and a year later in 2001 he competed at the Aruba hi winds. Competitors from all over the world –Holland, venezuela, Bonaire, argentina etc.- attended the event. One day when we went to watch Quincy compete I felt the relaxed and fun atmosphere at the beach at once!

From then on I joined the kids classes every Saturday and my mom decided to register me for the Bonaire regatta so I had to really go and practice every weekend. That trip to Bonaire is still one of my best experiences to date. We travelled to Bonaire with a whole group of kids and together we just had a blast that week. It was a competition but it didn’t feel like it all. There I met the Bonairians for the first time who helped me rig my stuff and explained how the races worked. On the water it was all fun of games and afterwards we would all share stories. I’ve been hooked ever since. Travelling to new places and especially meeting a lot of new people with whom you can share the passion is why I still love it today!