Sylt World Cup 2023

Fuerteventura Marathon 2023 & 14x Freestyle World Champion
August 8, 2023
Aloha Classic 2023 & Wave World Champion
December 7, 2023
Fuerteventura Marathon 2023 & 14x Freestyle World Champion
August 8, 2023
Aloha Classic 2023 & Wave World Champion
December 7, 2023

This must have been my 16th time coming to Sylt World cup and STILL Sylt manages to surprise me.
Unfortunately we didn’t get any results for the men in waves, but every other discipline was a highlight!
We had a great opening ceremony as always where we all get put in the spotlight and we can show off our flags.
I ain’t gon’ lie, I like that Aruba is the first one to be called up!!

sylt opening ceremony, with flags

Sylt opening ceremony

The Freestyle title race in the men was so exciting to watch as Yentel got kicked out early, while Lennart WON his first single elimination, and then we watched Yentel climb up the ladder in the double elimination to claim his second freestyle title while Lennart managed to fend him off and win his first event. I sat in the booth with Ben proffitt commenting for a while and it was just so exciting to watch, especially having the drone pilots on the job. There were some close shaves I tell you!
In the men’s slalom it wasn’t until the final race again when Amado claimed the event title.

Yentel and Sarah-Quita posing with their world title trophies in Sylt

Congrats Yentel! Double freestyle world champion for Neilpryde

Oh, and I competed too of course! The forecast was not the greatest for waves, but somehow, we got the single elimination done. I did not expect to do “float and ride” in Sylt, but those were the conditions we got. So here I was on my 5,3 and 86L trying to get 2 wave scores in. We had some decent waves, and I can honestly say I had fun being out there. With this format it was all about patience….and endurance! The current is so strong and because of the light wind there was not enough time to float upwind. So, after 2 waves I would run up the beach and run upwind. Luckily, there was always someone there to carry my gear for me, and I am eternally grateful for that! I love that we’re competitors, but still there to help each other out.

Sarah quita hitting the lip in Sylt

Working the waves

Sarah quita doing a top turn on a wave
Ultimately, Marine kicked me out in the semi-finals. Of course, I’m always aiming for the top spot, but I can genuinely say that I was stoked to see her sail the way she did and fight her way into her first final. As did Maria Behrens, so we saw two completely new faces in the finals! That’s pretty awesome.

Sarah quita and Marine on the beach after marine won the heat. Lina Erpenstein carrying SQ's gear back up

Congrats Marine for the win!!

After the semi’s the wind dropped too much and we had to save the finals for the next morning. Skipper’s meeting was held at 6:30AM. By 7 we were out on the water,and we were done before 8. The light is incredible at that time of day! Marine took the win; Maria 2nd and I was super happy to win my heat and finish 3rd. A podium finish is always good!

Top 4 finalists on the beach after the final heats

Early start and finish!


Sylt world cup top 3 women

SQ and her fin setup

My Maui Ultra fins setup

So, now I am leading the wave ranking and I am looking forward to the last event of the year in Hawaii.
Overall, it was a lovely vibe at Sylt again, we had great weather and lots of competition drama. It was another year to remember. Thanks to the great organization there for taking care of us riders and for all the promotion.
Time to pack my bags, fly home to Aruba and then hop on another flight to the final event of the year in Maui.