Bonaire King of the Caribbean

Aruba Hi Winds 2022
July 23, 2022
Garda and the Fantastic Hour classic
July 25, 2022
Aruba Hi Winds 2022
July 23, 2022
Garda and the Fantastic Hour classic
July 25, 2022

The world is finding its normal and people are putting energy in organising events again.
So, when Tonky Frans asked me to come to Bonaire for a local event I didn’t think twice.

I LOVE Bonaire.
A week of sailing at Sorobon, Lac Bay during the windiest time of the year? Yes, please!

Since Oda was also training with me in Aruba, we both flew over to join the freestyle event for “Forza King of the Caribbean”.
Thanks to EZ air for making it so easy to travel with our gear.

Bonaire? Yes please !MVS Photography

The Bonairians have been my biggest inspiration for windsurfing from day one so coming to Lac Bay and seeing everyone again was special. And the forecast was so good. So even though we were there to compete, we had many hours on the water of training as well. Oda loved being out in the flats in the mangroves, but my favorite area is right in between where it’s deeper and the chop is bigger. Sorobon has so many areas where you can work on different moves. So, some days I would be in the flats in the mangroves working on my air funnel funnels.

Team lovely holiday ! MVS Photography

Or during sunset when the wind switches a bit more North, I love sailing in front of the surf schools where it’s completely flat coming in and going out you have the perfect chop to go for kabikuchi’s or big air funnels.
My favorite rider that week was Naygel Hart, he improved so much and was getting so much height on his air bobs and doing double air culos. This guy has style and makes everything look effortless!

One evening I even got personal coaching from Bjorn Saragoza and Tonky for the flaka shaka, that was so motivating and really showed the Bonaire vibe where everyone is supporting each other and it’s all about having fun on the water.Man, I became so nostalgic that week. It was a great boost for me to be in Bonaire and feel this fire for freestyling. Watch some action in the clip below!


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The contest was fun with Oda, Arianne, Lisa, Bijoux and I competing in the women’s division.
Another cool moment was sailing with the three sisters, bobby-lynn and her younger twin sisters Lone and Kitt.
These girls are so cool and talented! We tried to get a shot where we were all sailing in one line, but it was hard because none of the sisters wanted to slow down for the other hahaha, so it took us some takes to get everyone in one line.

All the girls in one line ! MVS Photography

My cousin Sandy also came over, so it was fun to get her on the board. I got to say, this windsurfing thing runs in the family, and I see a bright future for her! And finally there’s a growing community of Arubans living in Bonaire so it was so nice to see some of my high school friends again that have been living there.
Thank you, Bonaire and Team FORZA, for inviting us over, it was such a pleasure and a boost for me to be back in Bonaire. See you soon!

High school friends


Big Cousin Sandy getting the hang of thingsMVS Photography

The Bonaire crew