Freestyle worldchampion x12

Tenerife 2019
January 3, 2020
Gran Canaria
January 25, 2020
Tenerife 2019
January 3, 2020
Gran Canaria
January 25, 2020

After Pozo it was time to grab that freestyle board again.
And what a terrible first session I had again hahaha. It’s so hard to transition from wave to freestyle.Thank goodness Oda managed to convince me to come and sail at centre two. In the 13 years that I have been coming to Fuerteventura I have sailed down there once, and I never understood what the fuss was about.

Well.. That was a BOMB session. I sailed the new 93 ignite and the 2020  4,2 Wizard. I was so in the zone and LOVING it.  Spock culo’s all over the place, I was on a roll trying double culo’s, had some big skopu’s.
And there were these fun kickers for forwards and ponches as well.

WOW! I wasn’t landing everything, but I felt like I made it to a new level.
There was another session with Maaike as well were the three of us were out.
This year to me it feels like we’re this girls freestyle squad. Hahah It’s so cool to rock up to the spot and sail all together. We’re all pushing hard but most of all we laugh at each other’s crashes. Maaike as we all know, has the best ones!

So funny thing was we were all staying together at alexa’s place. ( Thaank you!!) and at some point it turned into the injury house. Maaike knocked her thumb out of its socket, Oda crashed and couldn’t lift her arm, and I was ill in bed for a couple of days with exhaustion I think. It seems we train, compete and recover together as well.

As the contest came around we were all back in good enough shape to compete though! As soon a I hit the water I was on! I was so excited to bust out a move.
I’m happy about my sailing this year and the heats that I put together.
I landed one of my cleanest spock culo’s in the heats. Did a culo on my bad tack pretty much every heat and generally was just in a really good headspace during the event. In one heat I realized on the water they were playing an Aruban song. And you can hear the crowd shouting from the beach. I looooved it. I did a mini dance on my board and then went for an epic run of moves.
Spock culo, Ponch 360, loop and a culo on the way out.

Oh yeah!! Single elimination win in the pocket!
In the double I waited for my challenger, and it turned out to be Maaike again.
I don’t remember my heat, just that when they announced that I won, that I unexpectedly couldn’t stop shouting (what else is new hey?) But I forgot about the title race! I was just enjoying being on the water, but by winning the double elimination I effectively won the event and my 12th freestyle world title.

In Bonaire I lost my first freestyle heat in 11 years, thanks again for that Maaike because it made me realize how much I love the challenge and excitement of competing.
I know it was just one heat… but that was enough to bring the fire again. I think there was a while where I was just going through the motions of competing and probably winning so this year was a bit different in Fuerteventura and made the victory even sweeter! Congrats Maaike and Oda for 2nd and 3rd this year, and thanks for the ridiculous fun. Let’s keep the good times rolling!

Dude, did everyone see what went down in the men!? What a crazy year. I guess it’s all going down in Sylt. Congrats to Steven for taking the win in Fuerteventura Great to see him back on top of that podium! Maybe because he’s riding that ignite 93? Coincidence.. I think not !
See y’all in Tenerife!