Slalom in Hvide Sande
January 3, 2020
Freestyle worldchampion x12
January 3, 2020

After Fuerteventura Oda and I managed to travel back to Pozo with 5 bags on our car. With some will power, pushing, shoving, some helping hands and positive thinking you can get anything done.We got pulled over twice, but the cops were nice enough to let us off easily. Gracias !!
So that was it for 6 weeks rolling with Odale the fantastic, it was sad to leave my adventure buddy behind in Gran Canaria while I was off to Tenerife. 
THANKS for a grand time and all the support ! Adventures to be continued in Norway!

I grabbed the ferry together with Takuma and Gollito.
That morning I woke up in Fuerteventura, swung by Pozo izquierdo in Gran Canaria and at night, found myself marching in the competitors parade for the opening ceremony in Tenerife. After 2,5 months in the Canaries and two contests in a row, I felt pretty run down.

Luckily the wind didn’t kick in straight away for the contest so I could recharge a bit. It took me 3 days to get myself together. And then after some more days even I started to get jittery to compete. We didn’t have much wind at all for the whole week and only on the last day of the contest did the wind kick in properly.

I felt really solid on the water, especially jumping! But again Justyna Sniady got the best of me. So I ended up in the loser’s final against Lina Erpenstein, which apparently I only won thanks to my last wave. So that was close. Of course I was happy being on the podium, but just a bit disappointed that once again I wasn’t able to put down the heats I’ve envisioned in my mind. All in all though it was a really fun day on the water with so much action. How awesome to see Jeager put down the hammer and win his first worldcup! That was a long time coming.

The forecast for Gran Canaria looked awesome for the next days so off I went with Ricardo on my 5th ferry ride in two weeks.
I had three of the best wave sailing days of the whole summer there. I locked in some of my highest backloops and just had a blast sailing without contest pressure 🙂
Thank you Canaries for an absolutely wicked summer!