Slalom in Hvide Sande

Sylt worldcup 2019
December 24, 2019
Tenerife 2019
January 3, 2020
Sylt worldcup 2019
December 24, 2019
Tenerife 2019
January 3, 2020

What a thing! 3-time champion of the slalom world cup in Hvide sande.
This has been one of the best slalom contests I’ve done to date, sailing every day and in so many different conditions!

Last time I competed was over a year ago in Portugal on 5,6 overpowered to the max every day. Not exactly my conditions. So when I registered for Denmark I wasn’t too confident about how I’d perform.But before I knew it, racing mode kicked in. I won my first qualification round and then in my mind it was ON.

Next thing I know, I’m battling with Delphine on the first straight of the first final, I get lifted and catapult. No, please, no! In my mind, I just prayed that it wouldn’t be a week of inconsistency. Some hours later in race two, I cross the finish line in first. Wait, what ? I forgot what winning a race felt like.
I was yelling from deep, deeeep down inside. Winning a race is the ULTIMATE winning feeling. I went to bed that day leading the event with a 6th and two first places. I was aiming to win a race, but could I really be battling for a podium position !?!?Let’s get it then!!

After the 1st two days I felt like I was run over by a dump truck. Slalom is brutal. However, the days after I felt like I recovered quicker and like I could handle it all much better. We did so many races this year, it was awesome. There was no time to sit and wait. Skipper’s meeting and GO !
We did 11 rounds in total out of which I won 7.
I’ve exceeded my own expectations at this event. My equipment was working so well, and somehow I had an extra gear to click in to when I needed to.

The craziest experience/race I’ve ever had was where four of us were drag racing to the first mark. But I got sandwiched and collided with Delphine . We both managed to stay standing and I rounded the first mark in 5th place. Looking back now I only remember total tunnel vision. Every straight I passed a rider and by the last buoy I was right behind Lena whom finally I also managed to pass to finish that race in first. That just doesn’t happen and was ridiculous.

Another highlight of those races was the sickest drone shot of Oda, Delphine, Lena and I battling it out to the first mark. Women’s racing is exciting!!
The heaviest day was when the storm hit. 5 people went to the hospital! 
Injuries during these slalom contests are really rare, so that was a crazy day. Especially that moment when all the boys came running in for their 5,2 and I realized I was holding on to a bigger sail than some of them!

When they finally called it off I was just happy I made it back to the beach unscathed, and what was better, I scored a bullet and a 3rd place finish. I wasn’t the fastest that day, but I managed to round the buoys efficiently, and in conditions like those, that may be the most important. 
Océane Lescadieu for example was SO fast on the straight. 
But said she could NOT stop at the mark to do a jibe !! hahaha oops!
My favourite setup at the moment is the 7,8 and the 7,0 on my medium board. What a dream! But I was also very happy on my 5,6 and 60wide. 
I loved this event because we got to sail every day and I just learned so much.
Thanks Odale for sharing the fun on the water. Nimetle, Oceane and Lilou for being the best housemates !!

Not sure I will return to the full slalom tour in 2020, but I know the adrenaline from slalom is unrivalled. This was probably one of my favourite events this year.
Alright, next stop: Sylt!!