Gran Canaria
January 25, 2020
Silvaplana, Engadin wind 2020
September 22, 2020

Yeahooo! Here we go off to my last trip of the year.
After the whole season it’s always quite nice to cool down with a mojito and watch the sunset in jericoacoara surrounded by good people!
It was  a brutal trip from Aruba via Panama, Recife 8 hour layover for that last 1,5 hour flight to Fortaleza. Followed by a 5 hour car drive.

I was actually so motivated to get on the water as soon as possible.
But first I made a quick stop at Oda’s place and the next thing I know I’m standing in the middle of 20 people throwing balloons and decorations at me.

How cool to have a surprise party organized to celebrate my wave title!
Thank you Odale and everyone present. That was really really awesome.
So much for sailing hey? We were on the rooftop within an hour taking in a glorious sunset and celebrating life. What a start to the trip!

The conditions were not as strong as I’m used to in Jeri, so we ended up going to the lagoon a lot, where I have had some of the best sessions of my life.
After the first two days of freestyling I did feel like a truck ran over me, as I hadn’t been on the water for so much in a couple of weeks, but once I recovered it all clicked during those sessions.I came around new moves like spock culo spock, punjeta into burner, air flaka into double flaka and on my bad side I was doing better in all my switch moves as well.

My 4,2 Wizard and the 93L flare was such a killer combo!
That’s the first time in a while I felt so much progress.
Other than that, I went kiting a couple of times with Oda while she was taking lessons. Pretty cool how quick she learned! Thanks Francesco and Amado for borrowing me your gear!

And another highlight was a session with Guy Cribb and his clinic down wind from the dunes was SO much fun. There were really fun waves to ride and kickers. and it was great to share the session with his students.

On another note, how awesome was it that my buddy Astor came over to visit. So cool to have some Aruba vibes in Jeri 🙂 Finally we also filmed another episode of lovely holiday, and I think this one is my favourite one yet. Have a look below!

Thank you Brasil, pousada do Maurizio, The Italians, Maria Therese for the lovely dinners and the good times!