Gran canaria 2016

Tenerife PWA World Cup
August 15, 2015
Fuerteventura 2016
August 3, 2016
Tenerife PWA World Cup
August 15, 2015
Fuerteventura 2016
August 3, 2016

Pozo is king kong

Yes !!! Pozo this year was the bomb.

I arrived a month early this year and got familiar with the heavy conditions so that I wouldn’t be caught off guard during the contest.
During that month I had my pushloops down pretty well. I was landing a couple of backloops every session and taka’s here and there. I just received my new Ultrakodes and they rock! So I was really looking forward to showcasing that in my heats.

There’s a saying there that goes:
“Ho’okipa is king. Pozo is king kong”
When it comes to wind that saying definitely holds true.
I did have a 3.3 this time but didn’t want to use it until it was absolutely necessary. Lo and behold come competition day Pozo was blowing full force.
Around 45-50 knots if I’m not mistaken.
Had all my preparation been for nothing ?!
As the heats starting running I stubbornly rigged my 4,2. Then realized I was going to need my 3,7. Finally as I struggled walking in a straight line it dawned upon me that I would have to unpack and actually use the 3,3.

I’m not going to lie! I was having a hard time calming myself down. In those stormy conditions you really think twice whether or not you want to launch yourself into a forward or backward rotation. A little mistake will cost you dearly as the crashes are much more violent.
When the green flag went up however I told myself that it was mind over matter.
In my first two heats, I did my moves quickly before being too powered and sailed quite safe. It went better than expected!
I made it into the semifinal and would be up against Iballa. By then the waves had dropped though and we were released until the next day.

Great. I had all night to think about how I wanted to sail my heat. I knew she was much better free sailing, but in a heat everything is possible and it was the first time I felt like I would have a chance if I stuck the moves I had learned.
I was SO excited when I got to sail against her the next day that there were hardly any nerves. I just wanted to do well.
I landed a perfect pushloop in the opening seconds of the heat and pretty soon a good forward. I thought those were good enough so I started focusing on wave sailing which is my weakness. It didn’t go as I wanted and then decided I had to go for broke if I wanted to pass and finally tried this a taka and stuck it right in front of the judges. Win or lose this heat I was extremely delighted!
When I finally heard I won, I accidentally lost control and started shouting into the judges tower when I saw the scoresheet.. ooops!!

Booom! A final against Daida at her homespot Pozo. That’s all I wanted. I tried everything I could. I was inconsistent but did go higher and tried things I would normally not have done, I landed one of my best stalled forwards but also crashed my pushloops and taka’s as well as lost control during a forward coming in. Daida sailed a perfect heat and won it. But I had already achieved what I wanted. Finally we weren’t able to run a double elimination so I didn’t have to defend my second place, but it still means so much to have finished second in the single.

Pozo was once again a challenge, but I really enjoyed it this time. It made me push my limits in wavesailing a bit further.
I’m on my way to Fuerteventura now for the freestyle contest. Looking forward to seeing that huge beach and sailing on those crystal clear waters!