Fuerteventura 2016

Gran canaria 2016
July 12, 2016
Throwing it down in Tenerife
August 10, 2016

Hello !!
I’m writing from Tenerife right now.
Time for the second stop of the wave tour!

Fuerteventura was a great event this year.
We had all types of conditions and I think this allowed every rider to show what they’re good at. It was unbelievably windy on the first day. I had never seen Fuerteventura like this. I would have gone out if I had to, but they released the women on the first day due to the super strong conditions. The guys were struggling on 3,8. But what a show it was. Maxime van Gent and I stood at the water line in awe and cheering on the boys, it was a firework show of jumps, power moves and s9liding moves.

Just the day before the event I had such a magical session. It was that one magical session I have just once every time I go to Fuerte. I was on my new 4,5 Wizard, 93l Flare and a Maui ultra fins proto type. Everything was working and all my moves were so explosive. Burner funnels, airfunnel funnels, skopu funnels etc. After 3 hours I still couldn’t get enough, but I had to if I wanted to be in shape for the contest.

My first day sailing must have been my best day. Because I think I still had this session in my body. The wind backed off a bit so I started out on, 4,5 but after my first heat I had to go down to my 4,2 and was maxed out on it.
Either way I sailed some of my dream heats landing a skopu 360’s, burners,
Culo’s and kono’s. I always strive to sail the best heat I can and it worked out that day. That just feels amazing.

I sailed and won the final against Oda Johanne, and it was a real pleasure because I could see during her other heats that she was pushing hard. All the girls were. That’s really motivating.

There was a point where the nerves got to me a bit before sailing my heat. I won’t lie, sometimes I start doubting whether or not I can make it happen. It took me some time to regain my focus and this probably wasn’t my best heat either. Which is not what you want against Maaike. She had a slow start to the event, but by the second single elimination she was killing it during her heats, and fought her way to the final. I managed to keep it together though and win this heat as well. In the end we finished 2 doubles.
For the 9th year in a row now I came out as freestyle world champion.
I’m really happy having achieved this. Not just for the number of titles, but more so for the high level that all the girls have shown during the contest.
Big congrats to my starboard teammates Maaike Huvermann and Oda Johanne for taking 2nd and 3rd respectively

Now back to waves, let’s go!!