Tenerife PWA World Cup

August 4, 2015
Gran canaria 2016
July 12, 2016
August 4, 2015
Gran canaria 2016
July 12, 2016

Tenerife was a rollercoaster ride this year.
It started when, for reasons I do not know, whether Tenerife was happening or not was a mistery. I lived in uncertainty for days until, two weeks before the event we received the PWA entry forms. Relief.
I had somewhere to go to after Fuerteventura.

Then, days before the event, the wind and wave predictions looked dramatic.
Another wave of panic. More living in uncertainty. Speculations and rumours were spreading like bushfires in Australia.
Basically they stated that the event was doomed.
All that effort to make the event happen and we won’t even get conditions!

Luckily the women finished a single elimination in marginal conditions.
I sailed my 5.3 and 77l Quad and had a great time in the light conditions. But I got kicked out in the second round by the wave guru Steffi Wahl.
Once again I faced an early exit with slim chances of recovering from it.
Finishing a double or even getting results for the men would be a miracle.
My hopes, dreams and ambitions for this event were about to get shattered until..

The Canarian wind machine kicked in. And how!
On the penultimate day of the event…I was having a nap.
There were some wind and waves in the morning but nothing spectacular.
During my nap the wind had increased exponentially. When I got back to the beach the guys were on 3,4. I couldn’t believe my luck.
I was actually getting a chance to fight back in the double. My goal: 3rd place.

By the time I had to sail my first heat I could hold on to my 3.7.
Both Caterina and I had a good heat, but I passed. I busted out the biggest pushloop I’ve ever done. Thank goodness JC took a picture of that. I’m gonna print and frame my first proper pushloop shot!
The next morning I sailed another 4 heats.
I had made it through two rounds when I faced Steffi Wahl again and fought it out for 4th place. We both scored over 20 points which is really good!
But I managed to edge out ahead of her.

Next heat up would be Amanda Beenen. We’d have to fight it out for 3rd place.
Déja vu. One year ago I had made the exact same run. Would I actually be able to keep it together and finish in 3rd again ?… I didn’t.
I don’t think I dug deep enough. Instead of going big I think I sailed too safe.
Wrong tactic. If you want something bad, you need to go for broke.
That’s exactly what she did. I particularly enjoyed this 3-4 meter forward she did right in front of me. Coming of the water I already felt that it wasn’t enough.
Waveriding I did fine, but she was ahead in the jumps. I lost only for 0.4 points.
I really wanted to be on the podium, but this time it was just Amanda’s turn.
Her smile and happy energy was contagious and I couldn’t help but be happy for her. Daida and Iballa once again sailed flawlessly. Someday I hope to get to that level as well. I’m happy the conditions came through in the end. If not I wouldn’t even have had the chance to get back to 4th. With this last result I am now ranked 3rd in the overall wave rankings, which honestly feels amazing!!

And now, it’s time to grab my slalom equipment.
See you in Turkey next week!