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December 14, 2017
Rolex Sailor of the year in Mexico
December 14, 2017

Freestyle mission Brasil: Complete !

I’ve been competing non-stop for a while and looking back on the European leg I think I lost a bit of the motivation of why I compete. During the contests I don’t go out on the water much because we’re either waiting for wind or I don’t want to get too tired before my heats. So I felt a bit windsurfing deprived by the end of it. Which is ironic since I’m doing this as my job! To be more specific: I needed some solid freestyle sessions. This will always be the one discipline that I can express myself fully. I decided to flee the cold after the freestyle contest in Brouwersdam and just have some windsurfing time for myself.

Freestyle Mission Brazil!
Arriving in Jericoaocara is like coming home.
My first windsurfing trip was to Jeri back in 2009. All though the town has changed a lot since then, definitely for the better, the locals and the feeling of being there is exactly the same. Everyone is super welcoming, laid back and so helpful. This was hands down my best windsurfing trip this year. Because I was able to go back to just windsurfing.

I don’t know many places that are so consistently windy. I freestyled my heart out for two weeks non-stop. I Perfected freestyle moves, tried bigger jumps that normally scare me, and had the chance to completely relax. For the first time I got to sail with mostly girls, outside of competition at least. And this was so extremely motivating.

I stationed my gear at Edvan de Souza’s school BRA 250 and all I had to decide was whether I wanted to use my 4,2 or 4,5. I never even had to unpack my 4,8.
The sessions were divided between sailing at Jeri for some freestyle with some ramps, jumping at Malhada, or going for a buggy trip down the coast and find perfect flat water to learn/perfect new moves.
Watching the sunset at 5PM everyday is a must as well as chilling at Pousada Do Maurizio for Apiritivo at 6PM.My favourite trip was going to the lagoon and sleeping in the dunes for the night.

Together with Oda, Hakon, Jo, Felix, Alex and Maaike we spent hours on the water and filming each other. It’s impressing to see how quickly Maaike learns, and how powerful Oda is. My goal was to get my spock culo’s down both ways and get started on those double culo’s. Sailing there is so good! But after going for the umpteenth kono and realizing you’re not trying anything new anymore it’s time to go inside. It was getting dark but the restaurant there opened there kitchen for us and cooked us an amazing meal with fish and rice, we built a campfire and were terrorized by a gigantic frog (Okay, maybe I blew it up in my mind, I really don’t like frogs). We spent the morning going down this huge dune slide trying to out do each other and slide the furthest!

Back in Jeri we had plenty of days with swell and I finally managed to push myself to try some new stuff. On my first try I was able to switch off my mind and go for an airchachoo and after that I couldn’t get enough of it. What a move !! I landed some waterstart and am looking forward to go for some more soon!

I brought an impact vest to go for stalled forwards. It definitely boosts your confidence, but maybe my confidence was overboosted. The first ramp I found I went up up up and awaayy (Trying to copy Edvan ) and then forgot that gravity would pull me back to earth so by the time I started to sheet in, it was too late and I received the back slap of my life. Yes that hurt, even with the vest. Step by step SQ.

Jeri was a blast. I was just happy to be able to sail everyday.
Big thank you to the Italian crew at the Pousada for taking care and cooking amazing pasta !!
Obrigada Jeri, I hope to be back soon!

Check out the video Alex Produced about our trip to the lagoon!