Rolex Sailor of the year in Mexico

Brazil #overdramatic action
December 14, 2017
New Caledonia & World Title # 14
December 14, 2017

Well whaddaya know !
I got nominated for the rolex sailor of the year awards!
This was quite nice news knowing that I was chosen out of a longlist of impressive sailors and then ended up on the shortlist with Marit Bouwmeester, Tara Pacheco, Martina Grael & Kahena Kunze and XX.

The awards night was a fun night with nice videos and action from all the nominees. Walking around during the conference it was alsor really interesting to find out a bit more about the organization of worldsailing and the world of sailing itself. As a windsurfer I honestly don’t know much about sailing.
I attended a couple of forums and really liked the one about “balancing the boat and increasing female participation”. Mostly female speakers talked about their experiences and challenges they faced in the sailing world as a female.
Even though as sailors they face different challenges than windsurfers it was all very relatable!

Not many of the nominees were present as most of them were competing and sailing around the world or something hahaha. It was quite epic to watch the footage of all these sailors in rough seas.
After watching that though I realized, I like staying close to shore hahaha.
Anyway we all got called up on stage and were allowed to talk a bit about ourselves and our sport. And this was such a cool opportunity to connect with the public and share the windsurfing passion with them. It was nice to get such positive feedback from everybody. I think many of the people present didn’t realize what windsurfing can look like with the latest improvements in gear, and high level of freestyle wave and slalom.

Finally Marit Bouwmeester took home the prize ! Congratulations!
For me it was a great opportunity to be there, meet people in the sailing world and share some windsurfing love!

Thank you Mexico and Worldsailing for this trip.
Okay, time to sit tight and practice patience.
I’m flying out to New Caledonia because apparently I haven’t won the slalom title yet… There was a calculation mistake and I will still have to compete in NC to win the title.
But first, I need to sit through 6 flights to make it there.

Wish me luck!