Sylt Wave world cup Storm
December 14, 2017
Brazil #overdramatic action
December 14, 2017

Another fun filled week at the DAMX at Bouwersdam in the Netherlands.
After a stormy sylt and a quick pitsop in Amsterdam it was time to drive down to Brouwersdam and compete at the EFPT for the third year in a row.
Wauw ! The place got a total makeover. The restaurant and all the shops there look amazing. The setup at the event site looked great and I was looking forward to getting on my freestyle board.

Sadly the forecast was not super solid. But you know? When it gets light like that you tend to go back to basics. Instead of all thepower moves I went for some old school sliding/technical moves. I had some solid heats going for spocks, double spocks, grubby diablo’s switch chachoo’s funnels shaka’s double flaka’s, willy skippers etc.
I sailed my 5,1 and 93 L most of the time.
As the day progressed though the wind started dropping and I found myself pumping my heart out in the final against Maaike. I think it was a very close call, but I won the final! Unfortunately the wind never materialized before the end of the event. So we couldn’t finish the double elimination.
So at the closing ceremony I could take home the European freestyle title for the third year in a row. I loved seeing some new faces on the water like Lina erpzen Only 13 years old!) and Johanna Rümenapp with some solid powermoves.

Like always there were a lot of extra activities during the DAMX like slalom contests, stand up paddle boarding, tow in freestyling and a night water show. One night I received a really sweet gift, they called me up on stage and surprised me with a video and a present in the form of a wooden X with all the years engraved in it that I’ve won the freestyle world title.
Wauw ! I was touched by the gesture and couldn’t help but shed some tears. Thank you again so much to everyone involved!

And finally the after party was another grand night at Brouwersdam. A great performance by everyone there haha. Thank you to Ethan for borrowing me his crutches which kept me entertained for a good part of the night! We had the perfect late summer weather during the event. That was really nice and just added to the good atmosphere at the event.

Anyway, It’s only getting colder in Holland, so I feel it’s time to head out.
I just booked my ticket to where the wind always blows and the sunshine always shows! Two weeks of freestyling in Brazil are waiting for me !

Oda and Maaike I’m coming!!