Bonaire Brunotti Shoot

C A P E T O W N Caribbean vibes ,near-shark experience, wrestling, squash championships and some windsurfing.
April 5, 2018
Aruba Acrobatics
May 14, 2018
C A P E T O W N Caribbean vibes ,near-shark experience, wrestling, squash championships and some windsurfing.
April 5, 2018
Aruba Acrobatics
May 14, 2018

So on my flight from Cape Town to Amsterdam I managed to lose my passport at Istanbul airport, and I only realized that 20 minutes prior to my next flight boarding. In my sleepiness I left it in the restroom, and it wasn’t there anymore. After some misleading clues but sharp thinking detective SQ put the dots together and she found where her passport was being held.
“Ah, yes sir, thank you for reminding me that I shouldn’t lose my passport.”
“Also sir, I would like to hug you for giving me back my identity.”
Losing my identity for 1 hour made me realize that my passport is probably my most valuable possession when abroad. Don’t lose your passports, kids!!
Pfieuw, now that that was sorted I could make it to the Brunotti photoshoot in one of my favourite places on earth: Bonaire.

From Amsterdam I flew to Aruba first to drop my gear, and the next day, 12 hours later, I was already lying on a bench at Flamingo airport in Bonaire. Dozing off in the breeze waiting for my ride.
That is one thing Aruba and Bonaire have in common, the welcoming breeze at the airport that immediately puts you in a relaxing state. “Welcome to the island”, it whispers.

I wasn’t needed that day for the shoot and it was really windy.
My main goal was to get to the water as soon as possible so I could go and cruise at Lac Bay.
Issue? There were no rental cars available because it was high season.
I shan’t reveal all the details about the things I had to do to get to the beach, but let’s just say it was a long and hard-fought journey. You can get anywhere with determination… and nice people offering to drop you and your board bag off. Five hours later I was finally at Sorobon with half an hour before sunset. Yes! Let’s get those last rays of sunlight! WHAT!? NO!!! I FORGOT MY FIN IN MY LUGGAGE AT THE SHOOT!??!

Maxime, my ride-or-die OG, just came off the water and lent me her 16cm fin. Apart from that massive shaka face-plant, because I spun out (how was I even able to sail such a small fin back in the day!?) I still enjoyed 30 minutes of bliss. Sorobon is the best. Thank you Maskim!
Check out my session and catch the sunset vibes in the kuma video at the bottom.

After hitchhiking my way back to the Brunotti house I met up with the whole crew. It was an all-girls shoot. Together with Rita, Eline, Estelle, and Nina we had a couple of fun days shooting for the spring/summer collection.It was actually quite nice to go to places I normally wouldn’t take the time to go to. We spent some days on the other side of Sorobon, at Lac, which is a beautiful place with the turquoise water and mangrove trees.

Modeling isn’t my forté though. I can do two things. No, actually. Just one. Look straight into the camera and smile. It’s my default mode. Any thing other than that implies awkwardness on my part. Act as if I’m just peacefully strolling along the beach? Or at the bus stop act as if I’m waiting for the bus?
Come on, Anne and Riemkje.. we all know that bus won’t show up! Hahaha I much rather do something and get caught up doing that while they shoot.

So the next days when I got to drive the car during our road trip, skateboard, and windsurf in front of the camera I was way more comfortable. It was really cool to see how well the other girls did and were able to get in character as soon as the camera was pointing at them. Ultimately, it was a great week together and we were able to get some great shots together.

In-between shootings I was able to sneak in some more sessions at Sorobon.
I was like a kid everyday, only wanting to get to the water as soon as possible.
I can’t remember the last time I was so jittery to go sailing.
It was a very rainy week with lots of squalls that brought lots of wind.
From one moment to the next I would be maxed out on my 4,8 in 40 knots for twenty minutes. The level on the water is always really high which makes my motivation go through the roof every single time. I was really focused on getting the spock culo’s on both tacks. Catch some High energy Caribean freestyle vibes from those days sailing in the next videos below.

Several times the locals welcomed me back “home” which is exactly what it feels like when I am there. Thank you Bonaire for a great week yet again.

Make sure to check out the Brunotti website for the latest collection!

Thank you to Aruba Airlines for taking my board bag, which allowed me to enjoy some amazing sessions at Lac bay.