Aruba Acrobatics

Bonaire Brunotti Shoot
April 30, 2018
Morrocan Mousse
May 17, 2018
Bonaire Brunotti Shoot
April 30, 2018
Morrocan Mousse
May 17, 2018

As a kid I always used to tell my parents I wanted to become an acrobat.
That didn’t really pan out, as I wasn’t any good at gymnastics.
But after these weeks in Aruba I realized that my childhood dream has come true and I have become an acrobat after all, mom and dad!
At this point in my windsurfing career I am spinning through tweaked pushloops and I’m willing to push the limits on stall forwards. I’m landing more and more of my dream freestyle moves consistently. Spock culo’s, burners, kabi’s etc . The adrenaline rush is so amazing. I can’t get enough of it!!

After Bonaire I flew back home.
The wind was down for a week, but then came back full force. Windsurfing back home at Roger’s beach and Barcadera has been an absolute dream.

Last year Phil Soltysiak, introduced me, the local, to a new spot on this 30 km long island. Please understand, that driving more than 20 minutes is considered far on this island. Roger’s beach is at least a 30 minute drive, which is considered really far! Anyway we had some fun freestyle jumping sessions then. But this time around it was different and I was full blown wave sailing at the reef.

It was side off port tack conditions, similar to Tenerife. And just to be clear, I had to chicken jibe every now and then because of some bombs.
In A R U B A !? I could not believe how lucky we were.
It was fantastic out there with Quincy, Max, Phil and also Mac.

There was a ramp on every run so I really enjoyed jumping.
For once I wasn’t maxed out on a 3,7, but instead I was comfortable on my 4,7 and 86L.
That setup makes it much less intimidating to try stalled forwards.
It’s such a cool feeling to float up there and see the reef under you.
I still have an issue with tweaking the pushloops too early so I would just drop out of the sky and go for some scubadiving every now and then, but I also had some insane ones.

When the waves died down it was time for freestyle sessions at the huts and Barcadera. After some disappointing session in cape town, I was on again. There was this one session at the huts where I was maxed out on my 4,8 and this little wave would form at the reef. Perfect for high ponches, forwards, and getting that extra lift during a spock culo! That might have also been the session where I facep lanted into my sail with a shaka.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to spend a longer period of time in Aruba.
So I just feel extremely happy to have been home and enjoy all the conditions that Aruba has to offer!

However, it’s time to get on the plane again.
The PWA is kicking off with a women’s only wave event in Morocco at the end of March. Finally some starboard tack riding. Can’t wait!

Barcadera is such a serene place with the blue water and the mangrove trees. Check out this video that catches the relaxed vibe there.