Lake Garda Foil training
August 12, 2021
Double Trouble in Pozo
August 29, 2021
Lake Garda Foil training
August 12, 2021
Double Trouble in Pozo
August 29, 2021

Silvaplana was a blast once again.
This year I was invited for the tow-in and I competed in the IQ foil division.
I was on the go all day and at night could not carry my own body weight!
So much adrenaline and excitement in both the tow-in and foiling.

I learned so much this week and I’m so happy to meet so many new windsurfing personalities. All these riders from RSX that I’ve seen online countless times. It’s amazing to now have a discipline that’s bringing windsurfers from all different racing areas together.
I think this is the most diverse and mostly FUN one design discipline windsurfing’s ever had.

Course racing is a totally new experience to me, especially big fleet course racing.
Nailing the start line when there’s 70 other riders trying to do exactly the same is exhilarating. One mistake, underlaying or overlaying the mark can cost you 10-20 spots!
And sometimes not following the crowd and making the right decision, you gain 10 spots.

Wow! Seeing 40 sails ahead of you is disappointing and motivating at the same time.
On the other hand, in that one race where I finished third and there were only 2 sails ahead of me and the WHOLE rest of the fleet behind my was such a satisfying feeling!
Maybe I should put more time into this and see how far I can get?
Because I am definitely enjoying this!
The next race I have a bad start and underlay the top mark. I finish around 45th place again.

In the first slalom race I find myself ahead but completely confusing the course and missing one mark. Bummer! I finished the heat anyway because it’s kind of cool to be ahead of other riders hahaha. Good practice for when I do get the course right.

So many ups and downs in one day of big fleet racing.
It would be amazing to make it into a medal race one day.
But for now, I’m a good cheerleader, I yelled my lungs out and was so stoked watching the other riders battling it out for the top spots.

The top 12 riders make it into the medal race, and points go back to zero.
Anyone of the 12 could still win the title. The format for the medal race was so exciting and really keeps the pressure on for all the riders.
Hélène Noesmoen smashed it in the women. And Nicolas Goyard Had the most insane come back in the winners final. I lost it watching it all unfold. So inspiring!

In the tow-in I had a couple of good runs with a one handed burner as a highlight and overall just really enjoyed the company of the freestyle guys. It’s always a relaxed, fun and motivating vibe. Congrats to Lennart for the most massive Skopu I’ve seen in a tow-in contest!

Thank you Engadin wind for having me again this year.
Thank you to Balz and Eva for holding the best spot on the camping for us.
What a view to wake up to every morning. This lake is incredible!
See you next year!?

Photo by: Sailing energy, Emanuela Cauli & John Carter

Vanora Engadinwind by Dakine 2021, Silvaplana, Switzerland. iQ Foil World Championships 2021 20 August, 2021 ©Sailing Energy / Engadinwind 2021