Winter travels !!

Sylt & Dutch Wave Championships
July 28, 2013
Report: Alacati
August 14, 2013

Right, let me start of by saying that I’m writing this from my home in Aruba.
WHAT !? Aruba ?! You not supposed to be studying !?
Yes I would have been… Until one rainy Monday morning 3 weeks ago I sat in the train, contemplating how I could cheat my way out of the coming winter.
Of course that was wishful thinking. And after a long debate with myself I gave up and thought “You can’t cheat winter SQ “. Then, as I was arriving at my destination, Lightning struck: BAAAAMMM!!! And within the next 5 minutes the blueprint of SQ’s “winter cheating travelling master plan” was born.
So Short story short: I only need to complete3 more courses to get my bachelor’s diploma. One course is obligatory and won’t start until February. So If I just made sure to pass the 2 courses I was following, I could skip the next quarter and come back in february to finish that last course. Get it ? no ? Doesn’t matter !
All you need to remember is that I’m on the loose until the beginning of February!
So after 3 weeks of balancing excitement with concentration (really, really hard task) I passed my classes and I could book my first ticket to Aruba.
Along with Xander Bogaerts( Aruba’s baseball playing hero at the moment!) I’ve been invited to receive and meet the new King and Queen of Holland who are visiting the Dutch islands. This is definitely a big honor!
After Aruba I’ve booked tickets to go to Brazil for about 10 days to focus on freestyle and wave jumps. But mostly going to try to get that samba down!
Then I’ll be off to Capetown, South Africa for 5 weeks. I’ve been wanting to go forever so I decided now was the time to go! Wavesailing will be the order of the day but I’ve heard about some amazing freestyle spots. Finally I’m heading over to SXM and then St. Barths for the St. Barths fun cup which will be held from 31st of January until the 2nd of February. Check out their website for more information:
Oh goody. Crazy good prospects!
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Ciao ! Catch you all laters!

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