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Fuerteventura Freestyle Worldcup 2014
August 4, 2014
Alaçati seni çok seviyorum
September 6, 2014
Fuerteventura Freestyle Worldcup 2014
August 4, 2014
Alaçati seni çok seviyorum
September 6, 2014

4th of August-10th of August

After an amazing freestyle week in Fuerte and a proper closing party, with practically no sleep involved, Maxime van Gent and I were on our way to the airport at 9 AM and flew over to the next island: Tenerife
Time to get back in those waves !!

3 weeks in the Canaries with its relentless winds and sunshine really takes its toll on you! Just when I thought I could have a few days to get back into gear I ended up being on standby from day 1 until we finished everything 5 days later.
It was a battle to get out of my bed and drag myself to the beach every morning. In the end it was all worth it though as I got my first wave podium finish ever. Boooyaaahh!!

Single elimination
Well there’s not much too say about this elimination.
I won my first wave heat ever against Sophia. And then my carefully planned out run to wave world domination got stopped dead in its tracks by the one and only Daida moreno. That plan would have to wait for the double elimination.
I’m happy to sail against her because it only motivates me to be to be the best I can be in waves. Having said that. It sucked to get kicked out again! But as long as we would get that double elimination I’d be fine with it. Thank goodness the forecast looked promising! In that heat I busted out a nice forward and I think a shaka as well. The conditions were quite light so I was out on 5,2 and my only board 77Kode. I also made my acquaintance with the reef during low tide. I knocked my fins on the reef and sailed with one hanging out for half of the heat.

Double elimination Day 1
That same day they finished the single, they were about to start the double. Finally! A chance to do better.
I didn’t know how I would do it but I was determined to work my way up that ladder as far as I possibly could. Secret weapon of choice? Shaka’s and a whole lot of soca music to hype me up. ( yeahh boi I was jammin on the beach. Ya dun know!). Finally at about 18:30PM all reved up I go for a warm up round. Nothing was happening however. As I looked back to the beach I saw that white and red postponement flag. N0 !! Say it ain’t so! Apparently they had to call it off for the day because there was no security after 7PM. Well great. What was I supposed to do with all of that extra energy I had generated ?!?
Late session practicing cheeserolls. Got spanked on the back quite a few times but what a cool rotation that is. I hope to get them down soon!
I remember feeling really comfortable jumping off of any wave and trying anything that day. Getting rid of that fear of air I tell ya!

Double elimination Day 2
I would be the 2nd heat of the day so I had to get to the beach early for the skipper’s meeting.
At 9:00 AM I had downed two espresso’s within 20 minutes and I was still struggling to open my eyes. My body was aching and I was regretting that late session the day before. ( Then again, I had so much fun!)
But when the PWA decides to run, you have no choice. All there is left to do for me then is put in those headphones and let that music play while I get my stuff ready. I was surprised how quick I could get into gear if I really had too.
Had a good first heat against Lucy Robson and passed. My next heat would be 5 hours later. Perfect time for a nap!
In the end, that day I sailed and won 4 more heats before they cancelled for the day. I got quite some tips from some riders on how the wave works there and I felt my waveriding improve with every heat I sailed.
The last one was against Alice Arutkin and after winning that heat I was sitting in 5th place. WHAT ?!? I had imagined a perfect come back run like that in my mind.. but who would have thought it would play out like that as well ??
This one heat against Sara Sommer heat really tested whether or not I was stress resistant. I hit the reef again and had to race back to the beach to fix my fins. Which I did but then with 4 minutes to go as I was rushing back out I slipped on the rocks and fell flat on my bum. AUCH! In the end I managed to get a jump and enough points on the wave to win. Pfiieuuuww!

Double elimination Day 3
Early start again. Second heat up again against Steffi Wahl for 4th place.
I did feel like I had a chance if I did my very best. But I had nothing whatsoever to lose and was just happy to be sailing again. I ended up winning that heat and getting a chance to fight for 3rd against Amanda. Really !? Could I pull that off ?! That would be wicked! By then I had sailed so much that there were no more nerves and I just enjoyed the heat. Just one point difference. But I won.
Even though I was exhausted I was ECSTATIC!!
This time I got to sail against Daida by choice. And this time..
I was gonna do the kicking out !!

…..Nope, just kidding. That was it for me ! 3rd place finish. WAAUW !!!
I had so much fun. Can’t wait for my next wavesailing trip/competition.
But in the meantime I’m gonna recharge my batteries haha
I Can’t name everybody but the support I received was great !!! GRACIAS
Sponsors: Starboard & Mystic

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