Fuerteventura update
July 6, 2013
Sylt & Dutch Wave Championships
July 28, 2013

The 14th was the last day of the Wave world cup in Pozo. Most of you may know we didn’t get any official results. This is really unusual for Pozo as this spot is known for its nuclear winds and usually makes for 100% of epic action.
The weather phenomenon, Kalima decided to pass by and say hi…. for a week. What happens is that the wind starts blowing from the opposite direction and there is a lot of sand in the air coming from Africa. The high temperature on land unsettles the Gran Canarian “windmachine”. It’s the first time I’ve experienced this here. Anyway I’m not complaining. I sailed practically everyday on my freestyle kit. Always on my new 4.8 Pure and 91 L flare. I had a great time. It was the first time since 2,5 months that I’ve been sailing again. So besides getting used to my new kit I needed to get my feeling back for freestyle. The first session on the water was amazing just planing and speeding across the water gave me such a rush. I think I might have been the loudest person on the water (all week for that matter). I can’t help shouting and yelling of excitement when I land a move or see other friends on the water!
After 2 days I was sailing quite good again landing kono’s and culo’s I reckon Pozo is a really nice spot for freestyle when the wind is a bit lighter like that. During the whole competition I stayed with Karin Jaggi and Steffi Wahl which was a lot of fun. They both have a lot of experience on tour and I love listening to stories from back in the day! And it’s also very nice to be on the water with them as they are super motivated sailors and are constantly pushing their level.

After waiting for suitable conditions all week they held an expression session on the last day where the best 2 jumps would count. I decided not to get on the water because all of a sudden I was worried I would hurt myself. And at that point competing in freestyle in the next event in Fuerteventura was way more important to me. The men’s jumps were amazing but I was also very impressed by all of the women on the water! Daida and Iballa definitely showed how jumping at their home spot is done finishing in 1st and 2nd respectively, followed by Karin Jaggi, I think many people were wondering whether or not I was serious about the competition as I was only on my freestyle board but there simply were not enough waves. So my only option was getting on my freestyle kit and enjoy the wind. The last 2 days I did take out my 74l Quad. And had great fun. I think I might have caught the wave bug actually ! I was loving the wave riding! Definitely going to focus a bit more on wave sailing. . I think with my freestyle background I’ll be able to learn quickly.

Although we didn’t get the conditions everybody was expecting I think the event was really successful. Daida and Iballa Moreno and their team did such a great job at organizing this event. There was a big tent where the riders could get lunch and chill everyday. The film crew made some really nice videos and the live coverage & commentating was great for all spectators that were following the competition back home. They also involved the local community a lot as there were live bands every night. One day there were also about 400-500 kids that arrived in big school busses to come and see the action on the water. I thought that was really great, All in all the event promoted the sport very nicely it was great to have been a part of it!

At the moment I am in Fuerteventura getting ready for the freestyle world cup which will start on the 20th of July. Check out www.pwaworldtour.com.
Had one great session already. This is definitely one of my favourite spots in the world. I’m sure some riders would agree with me when I say this spot is magical!
My favourite sessions are definitely at the end of the day around 7 until the sun sets. I always come off of the water feeling super satisfied. Alright. That’s it for now. Keep your fingers crossed for me !