Report: Bonaire
June 6, 2014
Fuerteventura Freestyle Worldcup 2014
August 4, 2014
Report: Bonaire
June 6, 2014
Fuerteventura Freestyle Worldcup 2014
August 4, 2014

AWO! Just finished the first PWA wave event of the year in Pozo, Gran Canaria.
We didn’t get the epic conditions everybody expects from this spot.
But we had more than enough conditions to finish a single elimination and get some results in. I didn’t start this wave year off as I had hoped because I finished last. But on the “sunnysideupside” I can only do better from now on !!

Windsurfing is such a diverse sport. And to me, being able to switch between disciplines just adds to the fun of windsurfing in general. So since last summer I’ve decided to put my sights on making progress in wavesailing.
Besides making trips and spending time on the water. To me the quickest way to improve (In any sport for that matter) is to compete.

I spent 10 days sailing in Gran Canaria with the best wave sailors in the world.
If I didn’t understand a movement, all I needed to do was look up from the water and I would see them floating and rotating through the air, or slashing and turning on the waves. What better classroom for windsurfing is there than on the PWA tour?

The first few days I was freestyling on a 4.8 Freek that I was just trying out and 91l Flare as there wasn’t much wind –no wind as the locals would say but more than enough from my freestyling point of view!-
After 3 days the wind and waves started to kick in and I’ve been sailin on my 4.2 and 77Kode ever since. The conditions weren’t suitable to compete until the last three days of the event. So in the meantime I was having great fun on this bump and jump playground. Mostly practicing forwards going out and trying to land forwards on the wave as I came in. When I landed a few plaining forwards coming in apparently my shouts of excitement were heard on the beach as well hehehe.

My first heat would be against multiple Wave & freestyle worldchampion, Daida Moreno. No problem. I knew I could beat her. I would go on to win the next heat as well and then face iballa in the final and ultimately win the first single elimination.
Wait a second there SQ, put a handbrake on those expectations and keep them for when you’re more experienced..
Obviously I wouldn’t win against Daida. But what did I have to lose ? Nothing at all. I’m only happy to have had to sail against her as I was pushed to try everything I could. In the end I was really satisfied with my heat !
I was only a bit dissapointed when I realized we wouldn’t sail the double elimination so I wouldn’t have a chance to work my way back up. But I guess that’s just how it goes in a wind dependent sport.

Eventhough I didn’t have to compete anymore I spent quite some hours on the water my self and enjoyed watching both the women and men compete. The action was incredible and what everybody is able to do on the wave and in the air is quite mindblowing. I’ll be practicing to get to that level someday!

Daida and Iballa organized a great event. The setup was nice on the beach with many activities and performances on stage for both the locals and the sailors.
Big thank you suso & Mila at la ola and what a good time with my roomies. Thanks to the guys at Pozo winds for helping me out when my sail was broken. AND very important. The guys at La Plaza feeding me coffee during the week!
Most importantly though, thank you to: Starboard and Mystic.

Time for some freestyle in Fuerte now!