Nordic adventures

Brasil 2018
November 30, 2018
Wave Vice Worldchampion at Sylt 2018
November 30, 2018
Brasil 2018
November 30, 2018
Wave Vice Worldchampion at Sylt 2018
November 30, 2018

Between Tenerife and Norway I had about one month of cruising in Holland.
Much needed after 8 weeks of Canarian madness
Really, my favourite thing there is to ride my bike on a sunny day!
I sneaked in a quick trip to Germany for Boot Düsseldorf for the press release of their 2019 campaign. That was amazing seeing their new campaign for 2019 unfold in a football stadium.

I was also off to Notting hill festival in London with Thali and Ally for the biggest carnival celebration in Europe. Two million people roaming the streets of London dancing to Caribbean music. There was such a high energy vibe on the streets. I loved it.
Finally it was time to hit the road again for windsurfing.

Only once I was on my way to Norway did I realize what I was getting myself into. Within 14 days I would drive to Norway for 8 days, Drive down to Denmark for 2 days, Drive further down to Hamburg to catch my flight to Tarifa for a Brunotti shoot for 3 days, fly back to Hamburg and drive to sylt, the day before the event would start. My goodness. Good thing I didn’t really stop to think about it too much before. It was a great adventure with a couple of quality windsurf sessions.

I joined Oda’s windsurf festival at Larkollen for the second time and again had a great time interacting and teaching the local riders there. Norwegian windsurfers seem to be a different kind of windsurfer. Some of the most motivated windsurfers I’ve ever met. I also have to give it to Oda, there were so many women and girls !! Great job for getting them into the sport.

Overall there were 200 people that visited the event.
Thanks for having me and I would love to come again next year!
I had a blast running around and teaching with my sword and pirate hat.
Arrggg matey!

For 4 days after, Oda, Hakon, Eva and me were off to the West for a little roadtrip. The change in landscape was really breathtaking! Waterfalls on the left, lakes on the right, hills, mountains, then we were too high up for trees to grow, then we came down the mountains and drove past picturesque villages before finally making it to Stavanger where we had a sweet session with the locals.

And sweet is an understatement. I had a blast on my 4,0 launching into pushloops and stalled forwards, I couldn’t believe it! 18 degrees. It was the bomb! Especially coming back of the water and receiving a coffee with perfectly foamed milk made by Hakon, whom I think should think about a barista career.

We had another fun day on 3,7 afterwards in somewhat down the line conditions before I got up the next morning at 3 to catch the ferry from Kristiansand back to Denmark. It was short, but thank you guys, Oda, Hakon and Eva, for such a fun trip allowing me to experience a bit more of the beautiful North and #vanlife. I really feel lucky to be part of these adventures.

12 hours later I made it to Klitmoller and met up with team Guhmany/coffeehouse: Steffi, Dominik, Lina and Friedl whom had probably already windsurfed and surfed for hours once I got there hahah. If it were for me I would have napped for the rest of the day, but they motivated me to get out there, 4,7 and 86L.

That session was a dream! Light wind, Port tack, down the line conditions.
I’ve never wave sailed Denmark before, but after those three days, and three completely different sessions, I’ve been converted. I understand why it’s called Cold Hawaii.

The next day it was quite stormy and after 1,5 hour on the water on my 4,0 I could barely water start so it was time to get off the water and just witness nature’s force. 50knot gusts that day. It was brutal and gorgeous at the same time. Finally I also sailed Hanstholm and was once again just so impressed by how fun the conditions were! Denmark was a hit and run but worth it a 100 times over.
Thanks for showing me around there! Now, time to drive to Kiel for the night to catch my flight to spain.

24 hours later I flew out from Hamburg to Malaga and drove two hours to Tarifa, where Serena was waiting for me in the middle of the night. I woke up to an insane view with Turqouise water!
Secretly it was such a relief to put on my shorts and a t-shirt instead of sweaters and jackets.
Three days of shooting with Rita, Youri, and Ben van der Steen coming up.
A freestyle session on my 4,5 at Balnearios where I was blasting right next to shore was another memorable one! I can’t believe I’ve never been to Tarifa either . What a laidback town and another fun Brunotti shoot.

Another hit and run trip and an 8AM flight left me exhausted upon arrival at Hamburg. Thanks Serena for driving to Sylt with me, Coffee was probably not going to keep me up this time!

14 days, 8465km travelling distance, atleast 10 different beds, 7 new spots, great coffee everywhere and again amazing company! Time for the last wave event of the year where I’ll fighting for 2nd place overall!


SQ the pirate at Larkollen/Tarifa with Rita

Oda’s windsurf festival

Presenting at Boot

Sunny days during the festival

Dusseldorf football stadium

Get it right, or walk the plank!

A great time at larkollen once again!


Roadtrip to the west of Norway.