Marseille freestyle cup

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June 8, 2015
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July 10, 2015

Yeah !! Back to France for the second time this year. For those who don’t know. I love anything French. So, happy me. People are always saying The French don’t adapt and don’t want to speak another language. But for those who want to learn that’s a gift. So by all means, speak French to me !

The concept of the sosh freestyle cup is to mix several extreme sports including BMX, Kiting, Windsurfing and skating. Besides the action during the day, at night there is music and as the sun sets everybody is just there to celebrate and enjoy summertime.

The windsurfers were scheduled to put on a show everyday. As a windsurfing girl when you go to these events the majority are guys so I was happy that maxime from Bonaire was also ther to represent the ladies with me and boy she did a good job! We only had wind forecasted for the weekend. On the windless days we had to turn to Tow in. I don’t often get the chance to do tow in so every session learn something new. After a tip from Amado Vrieswijk I was rotating so fast around burners!

After our own presentation we’d have time to go around and check out the other sports.This is so cool because for once you get to meet other very talented athletes from other sports. It’s incredible to see their skills and notice that they are still very humble and easy to approach. (I won’t lie, I was little starstruck by these action sport celebrities)
To see the skaters surfing in the bowl and seemlessly connecting there moves with such souplesse was such a joy to watch and then watching the balancing act of the flatland BMX riders was again next level!

In the weekend we got a taste of the Mistral wind. It’s windy in France I tell you!This time the competition was on. Maxime and I would be up against the boys. I haven’t really competed since last year so it took me some time to get in competition mode. But it was good practice.
My first heat wasn’t the greatest. But I manage to pass though. After that I would be up against young freestyler Sam Esteve. Straight as I went in to the water I knocked my fin on a rock and it hung out of the box for all of the heat. Thank goodness it was windy so I could get some speed. Because of it I wasn’t able to go switch stance so I had to improvise. In the end I landed a clean loop, culo, double flaka and a shove it spock. Yahoo!
Finally I was up against Amado. So… are you supposed to stay on the beach when you know you have no chance? NO! It’s actually quite liberating because you will try everything you can.
Actually I had quite an okay heat with a shaka flaka, double flaka, burner and a switch kono. But of course this man has no mercy and just completely destroyed me with a monstrous airkabikuchi. He went on to win the comp! Caribbean power!

At this event we used a live scoring format for the freestyle developed by Julien Mas and his friends. I think it works good !

Finally on the last day I joined the #runsupyoga event. I think there were about 800 participants! In the morning we started out all together doing Yoga. Haven’t practiced Yoga much so I was confused most of the time. Either way it was a But well stretched and ready for the 5km. I haven’t run in a while but I am competitive like that. I wanted to finish the 5km non stop. I did, but I couldn’t help do this finishing sprint. I think that’s why I ended up with severe muscle ache in my calves. Oef! Gotta train more haha
Finally we did a supping course. By then there were only about 40 ladies. I found an inflatable and finished around 4th. And that was it ! It was so much fun participating with so many ladies. An event that doesn’t necessarily focus on winning but on motivating each other. Wicked!

Big thank you to the Mousilmani brothers for inviting me over and delivering such a great event.