Karpathos Clinic

Euro Trip part 2 : Murphy’s law versus Team lovely holiday
May 2, 2021
Lake Garda Foil training
August 12, 2021

Our first clinic of the year in Karpathos is over!
Together with the Meltemi Centre at Devil’s bay (Others call it Paradise bay!)  Oda and I organized a 4 day clinic with riders from all over Europe.
We had participants from Austria, Cyprus, Belgium, France, Germany and Holland.
Most riders exceeded the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the camp.
I was so impressed with the progress that everyone made!
One rider sparked the other to try something new and before we knew it everyone was trying things they were not aiming for at the beginning of the clinic.
Some riders just wanted to improve their tacks and their jibes.
But by the end we’re landing duck jibes, starting to chop hop and trying Vulcans.

It was super fun to see this friendly/motivating dynamic working in the group.Besides teaching on the water, we also did a lot of filming so that everyone could spot what they did right or wrong on the water, subsequently they starting nailing the moves. That was so cool to see 🙂

This is what we are aiming to achieve through our windsurf university as well.We will do one-on-one online coaching with you where we analyze video’s and pinpoint the most important things in a move. By visualizing and analyzing before your session, you already know what to do IN the session and this will help you to improve immensely.

Sign up by sending an e-mail to windsurfuniversity@gmail.com
So, all in all it was great to do some coaching again.
Thanks to this awesome group for a great week on and off the water.

And a big big thank you to the crew at Meltemi for hosting and takin care of team lovely holiday! Those cafecito’s were the best!
Sign up for our 2nd clinic on the 13th of September.
Follow the link below and contact the Meltemi center for a spot!