Hellooo Amigoos !

Report: Alacati
August 14, 2013
What’s up fellow windsurfers !!
September 6, 2013

After the Canary islands I made a mini Caribbean trip as I travelled back home to Aruba and then St. Martin to visit my family. I hadn’t been back home since Christmas so I was really looking forward to see everybody on my favourite island.

The moment I got of the plane, strong Aruba trade winds welcomed me back home. So as soon as my bags arrived the next day I was off to the beach. Because of the competition in Fuerteventura I was ultra motivated. So on the water I was going off practicing everything I could think of, kono, burner, culo, double spock both sides, bobs both sides, shaka flaka, skopu.
Finally after 2 years I feel like I have improved as I’m way more consistent in the power moves now. Now I Just want to be able to pull them off in my heats.

I sailed at my favourite spot “Barcadera” on Aruba at the moment. At Barcadera the wind is side shore and there are amazing ramps and flat water at the same time. It’s a freestyle playground!
As I didn’t travel down with my equipment I had to make use of what I had left at the house and that was my old 5.2 Pure and 91l Flare. After some fine tuning this set up worked perfectly. The wind was great so I sailed overpowered all week. I could have easily been on 4.4-4.8. Together with my brother I had a blast on the water everyday and also found the time to film some of my moves. I Really have to thank Quincy for his patience, as I seem to have a camera phobia. As soon as I know someone is filming, I simply can not perform. After 30 minutes of crashing every single move I was effortlessly landing just before, I finally got comfortable and managed to get some moves on film! You can check those out on my new Facebook page!

After Aruba I flew over to St. Martin and had a good time visiting more family! Every single time I go there I’m blown away by how beautiful the island is! Next time I go there I’m definitely looking into sailing at some of the wave spots I’ve heard of over on the French side.
Even though it was just about 10 days in Aruba and St. Martin I feel very lucky to have been able to go back home and spend time with my family. It really allowed me to recharge my batteries after being in the Canaries for 3 weeks.

At the moment I’m in Turkey getting ready for the PWA slalom competition. I’ll be using the Gaastra Vapors (5.7 up to 8.6) and the Starboard Isonics (87, 97 & 110L). It’s been a year since I’ve done any slalom races o I’m quite curious as to how I will perform. Anyway, I sure don’t have anything to lose so I’ll be putting 100% effort into every single race.