Freestyle fun in Lanzarote

November 13, 2013
Aruba & Royal visits
November 23, 2013

I’ve made a habit of travelling as soon as my semester is over. I usually have about 10 days off which is perfect to go and sail somewhere. This time the forecast looked best for Lanzarote. I know quite some people there and I saw that Tonky Frans was there as well. All the more reason to go as it’s way more fun on the water with friends.

The conditions there at first can be quite tricky but I’ve been there about 5 times now and I’ve really come to love sailing there. At costa Teguise where I sailed there’s a constant swell and on there are chops as well. When the forecast is good you can get some proper jumping waves as well. So it’s one big playground. Packed my 91l Flare and Pure 5.2, 4.8 and 4.4 as the forecast looked quite strong for 1 or 2 days besides that… never know in the canaries. It usually says 15 knots on windguru when it’s actually thirty knots. So better go prepared than be sorry !

It was quite strange weather all week there as it started out being quite cold in the mornings and the evenings. Sweaters and jogging pants were the order of the day until by the end of the week some type of “kalima” set in which means there’s sand in the air coming from Africa and it gets really hot. Like. Really hot.
Nonetheless I had a great week sailing! Last time I had some proper freestyling in was back home in Aruba in January. I’ve said it before but I forget how demanding windsurfing is. You only notice after not having sailed in a while.
After 3 days of sailing I needed a proper massage because my back was killing me….then again.. maybe that had to do with practicing the same move over and over. All I was practicing was the culo. Back in August I was doing them constantly so it was frustrating that I couldn’t do them now. Anyway I was determined to get those down consistently again. I managed by the end of the week tho! Besides that I practiced kono’s on port tack and launched into one shaka after the other on the way out. That floaty feeling never gets old !!

I sailed every day that week and was usually on the water with Tonky and local talent Noah vocker. Tonky was absolutely ripping. All his moves look effortless and super stylish. He was pulling of paskos and no handed burners like nothing by the way! I also got to sail with local and ex-PWA sailor Antxion Otaegi and had the pleasure of meeting up with Leon Belanger who absolutely rips in the waves.
It wasn’t windy all day everyday so I was usually at Poco Loko which is basically the chill spot for all the windsurfers with good food, internet and a perfect view on the water so we can keep an eye on the wind. There was one day where we lost all hope for wind when around 4 it suddenly picked up. I got on the water and was fully powered on my 4.8 After 3 hours sailing non stop I was absolutely knackered but sooo happy. Great session.

By the end of the week I was finally comfortably sailing and sticking my moves and more motivated than ever to train but then had to leave ! But it was great to see all my friends in lanzarote and it was just the perfect vacation where I basically only windsurfed and relaxed ! Thank you to Windsurfing paradise for leaving my stuff there and Russel groves for the clip and all the advice!