Slalom Slowdown
May 28, 2018
Viana do Castelo te amo <3
August 23, 2018
Slalom Slowdown
May 28, 2018
Viana do Castelo te amo <3
August 23, 2018

Woah. This year is coming together nicely.
I just made it back to the Netherlands and am looking back on 3 months of competition with a big smile on my face. I decided to slow down this year by not competing in slalom and travelling less. In doing so I feel like it gave me the peace of mind and focus to throw my whole being into wave and freestyle.

Last year I was scrambling from one contest to the next and switched from one discipline to the other and therefore never felt completely prepared. So I was never sure what the outcome would be while I would still expect myself to do well. I’d get very nervous at many contests, which just wore me down.
I generally love competing, so when the point came that I was dreading every competition I figured I was doing too much. And what is the point of not enjoying something that I normally adore!?

Everything feels different this year, and I just can’t get enough of it!
This year, I felt this love and fire I normally have for competing again.
I had more time to charge my batteries at home in Aruba and spend time with my family. I sailed SO much freestyle that by the time I got to Portugal I was perfectly in tune with my gear and performed my moves on auto pilot mode. The extra practice allowed me to relax more and just enjoy expressing myself in the contest arena.

In May I teamed up with Sepa strength and Endurance performance academy to work on my fitness. I did a lot of strength training over the past 2 years, which has given me a lot of confidence on the water, but with Sepa we started working a lot on Cardio. That first week of running was painful!
But funnily enough the energy I put into running also started coming back to me after about 2 weeks. My stamina was up which allowed me to recover quicker after sessions. I also think this preparation was the only reason I survived competing in slalom and freestyle in Portugal. That was really hardcore!
So, I’m excited to see where this training will take me.

So, that brings me to the Canarian sweep!
My goal was to finish on the podium at every contest in the canaries in one summer.
Which until now hasn’t worked out because my wave sailing has been inconsistent.
But I got it together this year!!
2nd in Pozo, 1st in Fuerteventura, 2nd in Tenerife.
I don’t know why I’ve wanted this but one reason is that the trophies in the canaries are beautiful and I have a thing for trophies that are like artwork. I feel like they are the best souvenirs because they’re made by local artists. Hahaha, so no particular reason really, but I always thought that’d be a cool challenge.

Last year I was dying to improve in waves, and I feel like it’s coming together this year.
Having said that, I think the learning process is never ending.
But at least now I am all in, enjoying the ride and revving for more !
Overall, this summer in the canaries was a great time and my motivation is through the freaking roof.
Not only because of my own sailing, but also because of all the women around me.
E v e r y o n e was RIPPING.

Big thank you to many people around me that support and motivate during all contests.
A massive thanks to my sponsors for supporting me and providing me with all the gear I need to keep charging: Starboard, Neilpryde, Brunotti and Maui Ultra Fins
And another big thank you to my friends and family that stay up to date with my adventures and support unconditionally!

2nd place in Pozo

2nd place in Tenerife

1st place in Fuerteventura